Curtis Martin Group, Inc. is one of the premier Business Basic based system integrators in the Chicagoland area.  We have a long history of providing unparalleled system support and custom programming services to our clients.

While our business was built on custom programming in the Business Basic environment, we have over 30 years of experience providing solution in many other critical system areas such as new software applications, 4th GL languages, programming, software conversions, wed site design, web site hosting, hardware maintenance and networking.

The main thrust of our business for the last several years has been helping customers to modernize their existing Business Basic applications.  Many companies who purchased Business Basic software in the late 1970's and early 1980's have invested ten of thousands of dollars over the years modifying those programs so that they are now tailored to that companies way of doing business.  But they are still text based (blue screen). 

Now 30 years later, management is considering what to do for the future.  New applications are extremely expensive to purchase.  There are the additional expenses of data conversion, modifications, implementation and training.  Curtis Martin Group has a different option.

Utilizing the latest product offering from Basis International, BBj, Curtis Martin Group can develop fully functional graphical user interface (GUI) programs that utilize your existing data files.  We can selectively modernize your existing client applications, giving your software a new lease on life with a modern look and feel.  Utilizing available programming toolkits, we can eliminate pre-printed forms, convert printed reports to PDFs and help you to implement document archiving -  the first step towards a paperless office.  Eliminate the costs and burden of pre-printed forms and green bar reports.

If you would be interested in a Technology Demonstration or would like to discuss options to update your existing software or hardware, please give us a call.  You will find all of our contact information by clicking on the CONTACT US link above.